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Looking For Game Coders And Artists

2009-07-20 03:18:21 by zymn

hey everyone, i'm just posting this to ask if there are any good coders or flash artists out there. hell, maybe even some animators. i have a new idea for a game, and i'd really like to do good on it. ALOT better than the Block Adventure trilogy. so post if you think you could help.

Block Adventure 3 IS OUT!

2008-10-03 16:15:20 by zymn

celebrate good times.

New Game

2008-07-02 21:44:16 by zymn

yep, new game. what do u guys think?

Not Blammed!

2007-12-11 15:45:57 by zymn

i'm... so happy. for once, i've made a submission that's not blammed! anyways, it's game wars. any ideas for the next episode? maybe i'll animate it myself...